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A sweet flattened corn pancake filled with our special mix of parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, sour cream, ham and the meat of your choice.

Special Large Bread filled with the best grilled pork meat, pickles, ham, mozzarella cheese, mustard and french fries side.

Our new combination of the most delicious roast meat, ham and cheese accompanied by fresh lettuce, Mayo-Ketchup dressing with our crispy French fries.

A corn fried patty with our special fillings.

Our special Corn Bread filled with the grilled meat of your choice accompanied by fresh vegetables mix (tomato, onion, coriander), shredded cheese and our special...

Try our traditional combination of golden brown and soft pancakes, scramble eggs, ham and grilled sausages + one regular coffee.

Try a crunchy toast with our special scramble eggs, ham and grilled sausages + one regular coffee.

Golden pancakes with crunchy bacon and perfect fried eggs to delight your palate + one regular coffee.

Fresh toast bread accompanied by our special guacamole mix.

Cheese burrito filled with sweet plantain, ham and our delicious scramble eggs side.

A tasty combination of sautéed rice with onions, black beans, fried or scrambled eggs and fried sweet plantain.

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